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Bathtub Racing

Bathtub Racing were dreams are still dreams but we just dream of going faster.


Who are Bathtub Racing

We love bikes and most of us have had an unusual route into racing. Our first foray was at the Isle of Man TT Zero, with all team members being alumni of Bath Zero, the University of Bath’s electric superbike team. BathZero’s best performance was in the final year of the TT Zero finishing 4th only behind professional Japanese teams. Of course, none of us were competing at the TT but it set of a chain of events that would allow us to have a go for ourselves.

Bathtub racing was founded in January 2023 after remembering that 44 Teeth video about the 24 hours of Teeside and seeing the price of CBR125s on eBay finally dropping. After getting a bit too enthusiastic, we bought an ex non-Freetech racebike from up north. It was already christened “Panther” and badly painted black. We decided the only appropriate course of action was to paint it pink and call it the “Pink Panther”. The number 177 was streamlined down to 77 and the rest was just more financial liability.

Meet the Team


Literally a mechanical wizard


Can do Spreadsheets


Completed a lap without falling off


Been riding bikes since 1


3D printed his own knee sliders

The Team

Our Bikes

Pink Panther

2007 Honda CBR125R RW6

Oli’s Brammo

2015 Brammo Empulse R


Test Day and Launch Party

18 February 2023, Teeside

Journey to Teeside

Beat the Sun!

The Ride There

With a day-time MOT and CBR 125 without indicators, a race ready Honda took off from Bath, Somerset and began the long 4 and half hour journey to the hotel. Josh volunteered to take the first stint…. and then just kept going arriving at the hotel with legally a minute to spare before the sun had officially set.

Test Day

With no prior track experience (except for a run or two out at the Isle of Man) we arrived on track wide eyed and revving to go. We managed to find the entrance to the track, and we were off. All managing to set our first laptimes and most importantly the Bike came back in one piece (Aside from a brief cooling issue, who needs a thermostat anyway). With the warmup laps out of the way we started into the second session and all managed to improve those all-important times.

Launch Night

The launch event was a great success for us are bike was on the same stage as Eddie O’Shea (technicality, but still counts) and potentially were able to recruit a few drivers for the Freetech 24 hr Edurance race (dotted line has been signed no backing out 😉).

Special thanks to Freetech organisers for allowing upstarts like ourselves to have a go at the challenge and of course to the other teams for the welcoming support.

Cant Wait for the next one, see you soon!

Race Calendar

Freetech Endurance Round 1

14 April 2023, Teeside

Stay Tuned…